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Picture of Edyta Kuraczowska
There are no children, there are people
by Edyta Kuraczowska - Wednesday, 5 December 2012, 07:27 AM

On Tuesday (20 November 2012) a social campaign "There are no children, there are people" starts. It remains about the fact that children are full citizens who have the rights which should be obeyed. On that date a Common Day of Child's Rights is celebrated. It's been established by UN as part of enactment of Child's Rights Declaration and Child's Rights Convention, the most important document which applies in almost every country in the world. It should guarantee children's safety. 2012 is called Janusz Korczak's year. During this year in Poland as well as abroad different events inspired by the activity of this wonderful doctor, writer and teacher are organised.


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Picture of Edyta Kuraczowska
Give up smoking together with us
by Edyta Kuraczowska - Wednesday, 5 December 2012, 07:26 AM

Give up smoking together with us

The third Thursday of November is the day in which smokers are encouraged to quit their addiction. Everything started in 1974 in the USA when a journalist Lynn Smith appealed to his readers to stop smoking for one day. In Poland the day is called "Give up smoking together with us". During this school year our school took part in this event for the 4th time. On 15 November workshops, lectures, multimedia presentation and films with anti nicotine content were conducted.

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Picture of Edyta Kuraczowska
Patron's Day
by Edyta Kuraczowska - Tuesday, 13 November 2012, 11:34 AM

Uczestnicy i Jury Konkursu GwaryOn 9th November 2012 Our School Patron’s Day was held. During the school celebration the first grade students made a pledge and became pupils of our school community. We could also recall the past during a life history lesson prepared by Olga Lorek-Brak and the students. Mrs Danuta Setnicka, Mrs Iwona Moskała, Mr Jacek Grusiecki and Mr Adam Jagodzki were given Honoured Badges of ZSEG. There were a lot of important guests from different institutions participating in the event. At 9:30 the Interschool Local Dialect Contest took place the level of which was very high this year.

These are the winners:

I place (ex aequo) -Natalia Zielińska [ZSEG] i Paweł Czylok [ZSEG)
II place - Paweł Glajcar [ZSEG]
III place - Magdalena Dziędziel [ZSEG].

During the celebration the winners of School Competition about Macierz Ziemi Cieszyńskiej were given prizes as well:

I place - Łukasz Kołder [I HK],
II place - Wioletta Przemyk [I RA] ,
III place - Marlena Wałaska [I HK].

We would like to thank all the people involved in Our School Patron’s Day and those who promote the culture of our region.

(See the galerry)

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Picture of Edyta Kuraczowska
A day with Podravka
by Edyta Kuraczowska - Sunday, 11 November 2012, 07:27 PM

logoOn Thursday 25th October there was a culinary workshop and contest within the framework of nationwide educational project "A day with Podravka" organised at our school. The aim of the day was opening to the new technologies, trends, recipes, culinary experiments and courageous spices using.

Our guests at school were Ms Aleksandra Ciszewska, a creator and co-ordinator of the project and Mr Łukasz Piliszek, the chef of restaurants in Poland and abroad, the Mediterranean cuisine specialist.

Translation: AB
Picture of Edyta Kuraczowska
Abroad traineeship as part of Leonardo da Vinci programme
by Edyta Kuraczowska - Sunday, 11 November 2012, 07:24 PM

LogoIn October our school was granted a project titled “New working experience is the best future investment – traineeship in Spain for students from technical college who attend such courses: cook, waiter or food and catering technician”. This project is financed by the European Union as part of European Social Fund – Human Capital Programme.

In 2013 4-week traineeship for 2 groups of 18 students from third grades are going to be organized and conducted in Spanish gastronomic workplaces in Andaluzja. The pupils must attend technical College number 2 in Economic – Gastronomic School Complex in Cieszyn and they should be in one of these sectors: cook, waiter or food and catering.

The project is directed to diligent, hard-working and ambitious students who are involved in school work and who develop their vocational interests. There will be a special recruitment of participants who want to attend the traineeship conducted.

The school coordinators of the project:

Aleksandra Pilorz, Elżbieta Macura i Anna Langner

Economic-Gastronomic School Complex
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